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2014.10.15 [Topics]

Chairman Kusakari of JSF gave special greetings in 2014 ISCA conference


Chairman Kusakari of JSF gave special greetings as follows in 2014 ISCA conference on October 11, 2014.

写真                                                     Chairman Kusakari (The center)

Good afternoon.

 Thank you, Mr. Yates, for your kind introduction and for so kindly inviting me to speak today.

 My name is Takao Kusakari, and for the past three years I have been working the chairman of the Japan Sea Cadet Federation, or JSF. It’s a great honor to be with so many ISCA members, including Mr. David Yates, the chair of the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets.

I am particularly delighted to be here in Canada, which has had a deep relationship with Japan that has extended for many years. In fact, when we read about the historical relationship between the International Sea Cadet Association and the JSF to review events from our past, we can find many that reveal the close bonds and good friendship that have evolved over time.

 For instance, in August 1989 the Nagoya Sea Cadet Corps dispatched 15 cadets to Canada to attend the Canada-Japan Goodwill Camp as a part of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Nagoya Sea Cadet Corps, and in return the Canadian Sea Cadets visited Kanagawa prefecture in Japan to participate in the 40th JSF national assembly in 1991.

In September 1992, delegates of the JSF were invited to a conference on international exchange in Ottawa and participated as observers.

In October 1993, JSF delegates participated in a conference on international exchange in Washington, D.C., and a committee comprising members from Japan, Canada, the U.K., and Sweden began to examine the establishment of the ISCA. An international exchange program between the JSF and the Navy League of Canada was also started that year.

In October 1994, a conference on international exchange was held in Portsmouth, U.K., and 10 founding member countries participated in the conference to discuss the establishment of the ISCA. The articles of association that had been drafted by the four-country organizing committee was adopted after being amended slightly. Hereupon, the International Sea Cadet Association was founded. As you can see, we have had a long history of amicable relations among Japan, Canada, and the other ISCA member countries.

The ISCA international exchange has resulted in a deepening of mutual understanding and a strengthening of bonds between participants, and we are extremely proud of the cadets who have benefited from the international exchanges and brought member countries closer together in friendship.

 Very regrettably, I have to report you that the numbers of JSF members gradually decreased in last decade, from 10,000 members at the year of 2005 to 3000 at moment. Looking at such dull situation, now we, JSF, determined to restore the year 2005 circumstances, namely to increase to 10,000 members by the 2020 Tokyo Olympic year. We have already started our campaign calling “reach 10,000 member by Tokyo Olympic year” under the powerful endorsement by  members of Japan’s Diet; Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism; Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; Japan Coast Guard; and leaders of maritime industry groups and Maritime school in each area.

On the other hand, we also desire to expand our international exchanges in parallel, and we look forward to future cooperation with ISCA member countries As much as possible

Thank you very much for your kind attention today.