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How to Join the Sea Cadet Corp

Any boy or girl who is elementary school to high school can become a member of the Sea Cadet Corp (S.C.C).
Once you join, you will be promoted from the biginner level t intermediate and to advance levels, according to the regulations set forth the S.C.C

●Sea Cadet training and study effectiveness
Activity sessions of the S.C.C are usually held twice a month, for a half day on either Saturdays or Sundays.
Therefore, the training should not hinder your school studies. Sea Cadet training in most cases improves your concentration power, self-discipline, and self-motivation.
As result, your study habit and effectiveness usually Improve.

When you join the S.C.C, a small initial cost for uniform, semaphore flags, ropes, and badges is required in addition to membership fee.Since all leaders in the S.C.C are volunteers with no remuneration, Your membership fee is very small.

There are 86 S.C.C across Japan For further enquiry, Please contact the National Federation called the“Japan Sea Cadet Federation”. We welcome you to join.

Organization Chart

The honorary president is Her Imperial Highness Princess Hisako Takamado and Japan Sea Cadet Federation is active by following organization.


JSF History

May 1951 “Junior Sea Friend” was inaugurated.
July 1951 “junior Sea Friend’s Federation of Japan”(JSFFJ) was organized. The first Festival of Sea Cadets was held.
August 1951 JSFFJ organ “Sea Cadet Corp” was established.
April 1953 JSSFJ was upgraded to a legal entity by the Ministry of Educaton and Ministry of Transport.
January 1964 The JSFFJ band was organized.
March 1967 Sending Cadets to Okinawa(The first time, 94cadets) was started.
May 1973 Art exhibition “Warera Uminoko Ten” (joint sponsorship with incorporated foundation Circle Club) was started.
March 1981 “The 30-year History” was published as a commemorative project of the 30th anniversary.
April 1985 JSSFJ purchase liability insurance.
July 1985 International Exchange Program among The Sea Explorers of Korea was started.
July 1993 International Exchange Program among The Navy League of Canada was started.
September 1994 International Sea Cadet Association was founded in Portsmouth England and JSFFJ became a member.
September 1998 International Sea Cadet Association Conference1998 was held at Yokohama-city in Japan.
August 2001 Ceremony and celebration of the 50th anniversary of JSFFJ was held.
July 2004 Her Imperial Highness Princess Hisako Takamado assumed the honorary president.
October 2011 International Sea Cadet Association Conference1998 was held at Nagoya-city in Japan.
April 2013 JSFFJ was authorized as public interest incorporated association by the Cabinet Office.
We made an alteration to “Japan Sea Cadet Federation”(J.S.F) in English.