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The Japan Sea Cadet Corp:

The Japan Sea Cadet Corp is a corporation that trains groups of children from elementary school up until high school, who has grown up as a child with an attachment to the sea. With our group training, we hope to support and provide a foundation the children can use as they enter the workplace.
We also aim to nurture our members into becoming strong human beings by keeping healthy and using the mind and body together one.

We believe in “Vows” and “Promises” and that “Discipline is the foundation of training” Our vows incIude “Having a big heart like the ocean,we can unite and become comrades with everyone”.
“Training the heart and body to become children of the sea “
Incorporating these values and a foundation of training we provide guidance and leadership,resulting in the cadets being tauqht how to keep these values for their life.

Many maritime activities and events are waiting for you…!! Came aboard!

Training of Sea Cadets

The Sea Cadet Corp provides opportunities for Sea Cadets to get acquainted with Ocean and ships/vessels, and maritime skills, in order to foster the Youth who are good citizens of the maritime country, Japan.

Semaphore Flags

Using a pair of sema-phore flags, you can convey a message to a person who is distance away.

Cutter Rowing

You will experience rowing and sailing a cutter.

On Board Experience

You will experience actual manoeuvring of ship and/or navigation on board a vessel.


For maritime people, swimming is the most important activity.A motto of the Sea Cadet is “each and every Sea Cadet is good swimming”.

Training of Sea Cadets

Festival of Sea Cadets

Once every two years, a national assembly of Sea Cadets is held in summer. About one thousand Sea Cadets from all over Japan get together and enjoy various competitions and friendship events. Through the Festival, you can expand the circle of friendship with full of unforgettable good memories.

Festival of Sea Cadets

International Exchange

A sense of an international person is better to be acquired at young age. You can join the International Sea Cadet Exchange Programs with Canada, United Kingdom, United States of America, Netherlands, Korea, Hong Kong, etc.


Creative Art Exhibition

You can send your artwork to a Sea Cadet Creative Art Contest.

Many prizes, including a prize from the Minister of Land, Infrastrucuture, Transport and Tourism are awarded to excellent works.



Sea Cadets also enjoy many fun games and campfire during a break from traning.These kinds of informal sessions will enhance the peer solidarity, and encourage you to acquire sociable maners.


Volunteer Activities

Sea Cadets initiate many volunteer activities such as beach clean-up, cooperation in on-street fundraising campaigns, etc. Through those activities, you learn the importance of volunteer spirit and leadership.

Volunteer Activities